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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your added support on setting up our Super Comp Dragster. Now we can make multiple adjustments to our set up and view which adjustment was most beneficial. For 2004 we are planning to be one of the top mile an hour cars in our class, and will be monitoring all of our data on our Corsa Data Acquisition System for years to come." - Greg Parker Racing, Inc. www.parker-racing.com

“Corsa Instruments and Bill Mitchell were a big help to me at the runoffs this year. We used the data acquisition and the Gears program to choose the right gear ratios for the torque characteristics of our engines, and we used shock velocity data to set up the shock absorbers. Then we used the data acquisition system to work on improving my driving. I definitely got my money’s worth out of the Corsa system.” - Bob Boig, 1998 SCCA National Champion


"I just returned from the V.I.R. National . . . Thank you for your persistence in fixing both my computer and the Corsa box. Warren Montague #32 gt-4. P.S.We lowered the track record by two seconds after making suspension adjustments." - Warren Montague, National SCCA GT4 Competitor


"Corsa Instruments has really made a big difference since we've been using it. We are now able to have a good showing in the first heat, and then, after reading the Corsa graphs and making the needed adjustments, blow everyone out of the water in the second! Thanks Corsa!" - Tribal Thunder Racing Team, TribalThunderRacing.com


"I got the win (at Willow Springs) both days simply because the data acquisition system showed me where I could get the one second a lap I needed to score the win. It was a hell of a race but that one second made all the difference." - Victor Pineschi, BMWCCA Competitor


"We want to you to have this picture (shown above) to show our appreciation for you taking the time and support on your data acquisition for our Pro-Mod racecar. Without your equipment it would have taken much longer to get a handle on tune-ups to dial-in our car at the various tracks.

"With your help we were able to win the 2001 Professional Racing Association's Pro-Modified class. Our best time E.T. was 9.62 with a speed of 143.89 miles per hour. Not bad for a Volkswagen. Also, Dan Lawson was named the PRA's rookie of the year.

"Thanks again for your help. It would have been hard to do it without you." - Dan Lawson and Mike Fischer (Competition Engineering), 2001 Professional Racing Association's Pro-Modified Class Winners


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