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To improve your performance, you need to understand what the data is telling you. Corsa’s one-click, wireless data download system automatically shows you exactly what happened and why. Use the included Corsa software to:

  • Download and display data with one mouse click
  • Review your data using pre-configured displays or create your own easily
  • Overlay two or more files (or laps) for comparison
  • Add gauges and graphics to understand what the data is telling you
  • Display user-specified strip charts, histograms, traction circle, event lists, etc.
  • Export data to other programs such as DeBrief III, Excel or MatLab
  • Calculate ratios and differences using physical relationships (gear ratios, chassis roll, clutch slip, etc.)

All Corsa data acquisition systems come with CorsaEZ and WinCorsa Basic software to communicate with the datalogger and display data. Corsa offers two more advanced packages which some users will find helpful. Click here for a tour of WinCorsa using drag race data.

WinCorsa Basic Version:
The Basic version of WinCorsa is a powerful and easy-to-use program tailored for the needs of amateur and pro racing teams. It allows the user to configure the data logger, download data, view graphs of data values vs. time, and view exact data values using the on-screen cursor. WinCorsa makes it easy to do the basic things every team needs to do to use a data acquisition system. You can also view events, traction circle, and histograms. You can view tables of data and you can export the data to other programs.

This screen shot shows the main WinCorsa data display screen, and you can click here for a tour of WinCorsa using drag race data.

WinCorsa Pro Version:
The Professional version of WinCorsa does everything the Basic version does and adds the capability to display virtual dashboards, show X-Y charts, and calculate and display additional channels from formulas. WinCorsa Pro is included with the purchase of a Corsa EZ II Data Logger Professional System, or may be purchased as an upgrade from WinCorsa Basic. Click here for a tour of WinCorsa Pro features.

DeBrief 3:
William C. Mitchell’s DeBrief 3 software provides the features of WinCorsa Pro plus track mapping, driver control icons, animation of vehicle suspension and much more. This software is designed especially for road and oval track racers. DeBrief 3 is included with the EZ-ROAD package from Corsa Instruments, and is available separately as well. Note: SAE Student competition teams may receive a discount when they purchase DeBrief 3 from Bill Mitchel directly.

The DB3 software (pictured above) is designed specifically for road and oval track racing. In addition to the stripchart it shows many other displays that make it easier to understand the data. These include:

  • Track map with moving cursor
  • Driver controls (steering, brake, throttle)
  • Traction Circle or g-g diagram
  • Wireframe representation of chassis and suspension motion
  • Animated view from the cockpit - shows curvature of the track ahead
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