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May 2004 - Corsa Contingency Programs

May 7, 2004
For immediate release:

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: Corsa Instruments, Inc., developers of data acquisition systems designed to help optimize vehicle and driver performance for all types of motorsports, announces their participation in two tractor and truck pulling contingency programs for the 2004 competition season. These contingency award programs provide the first and second place finishers in selected competition events with vouchers for Corsa products and services.

The first program is for National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) Grand National events throughout North America. It allows for awards of $150 vouchers to first place finishers and $100 vouchers to second place finishers in all pulling classes if they run the event with Corsa Instruments decals on their pulling vehicle.

The second program is with the Northwest Ohio Tractor Pullers Association (NOTPA), organizers of the Bowling Green, OH NTPA Grand National event. At this event only, competitors will be able to “double dip” for Corsa contingency awards under the site and the NTPA series programs. Corsa Instruments techs will also be standing by at the Southern Illinois Crankshaft site in the pit area to assist existing customers and talk with potential new ones about the benefits of data acquisition for achieving top pulling performance.

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