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April 2004 - Corsa Data Logger Accessories
April 16, 2004
For Immediate Release:

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: - Corsa Instruments, Inc., developer of data acquisition products used to optimize vehicle and driver performance, announces the first expansion modules to complement the Corsa Data Logger on-board data acquisition systems. These expansion modules allow Corsa to deliver complete, integrated, data acquisition systems for every type of competitive motor sports. These accessory modules all connect to the Corsa Data Logger via the CorsaBus expansion connector.

The EZ-TK8 module accommodates up to 8 standard type “K” thermocouples and features built-in cold junction compensation, calibration, and linearization. Broken thermocouples are also automatically detected by the system. If more than 8 temperature channels are needed, an additional EZ-TK8 module can be added to make 16 thermocouple channels. Each EZ-TK8 also provides two additional digital (speed) data acquisition channels for the system.

The EZ-ACCEL module provides 1, 2, or 3 accelerometers, depending on your requirements. Each accelerometer is capable of measuring plus or minus 5 g’s. The solid-state accelerometers allow users to directly measure acceleration, cornering forces, g loads from banked tracks, and more. Like the EZ-TK8, the EZ-ACCEL provides 2 additional RPM data channels.

The EZ-AFR module provides one or two channels of true wideband air fuel ratio measurement. With this tool you can record the exact fuel-air mixture your engine is getting at each moment on the track. This is incredibly helpful for tuning carburetors or injection systems. Unlike conventional "O2" sensors, the EZ-AFR provides an accurate reading under all racing conditions. The EZ-AFR works with all fuel types including alcohol and leaded or unleaded gasoline, and works with nitrous systems as well.

Corsa's data acquisition systems collect and record data for tuning your performance vehicle’s engine, gearbox, or chassis.The one click, wireless, data download feature and WinCorsa data analysis software simplifies getting the data “out of the box” and into your racing set-up. In addition to the logger and accessory modules, Corsa supplies a wide variety of sensors, selected data display products, and a lap timer with trackside beacon.

Data acquisition can be the critical tool in troubleshooting or setting up your vehicle. Many winning teams have discovered that feedback from data acquisition systems improves both vehicle and driver performance. For price and availability information, contact Corsa Instruments, Inc. 2370 Abbot Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, www.corsa-inst.com, (888) 201-7010; (734) 761-1545 outside USA.

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