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The IntelliDash is an easy, inexpensive way to add a display to any vehicle that uses Corsa data acquisition.

  • Replace a whole set of conventional gauges
  • Small and light
  • Easy to wire and install
  • Easy to read day or night

IntelliDash display features:

  • Peak hold and recall on RPM, pressure, temperature
  • Engine RPM (digital and graphical)
  • Pressure (oil or boost)
  • Temperature (water, CHT, or EGT)
  • Battery voltage (low, OK, high)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Display flashes if reading is out of limit - high temperature, low pressure

Programmable Features:

  • Tach red line
  • Alarm for high temp, high/low Pressure
  • Shift light output

Pulling Tractors
The IntelliDash allows you to check the peak EGT and peak boost right after a pull. This is very valuable if you're pressed for time between runs and don't have time to look at all the data. It's also great for teams that are not ready yet to step up to a full data acquisition system.

The IntelliDash will work with Corsa crankshaft RPM sensors using 1, 2, 3, or 4 targets. For boost pressure, the IntelliDash will work with Corsa PS300 pressure sensors. For EGT, the Intellidash will work with Corsa CS1 systems and TKA5 thermocouple interface boxes.

Race Cars and Motorcycles
The IntelliDash works great in small formula cars or any race car. It is lighter, more compact, and less expensive than a set of conventional gauges. It's very easy to read the tach at a glance, and the display will flash to draw your attention if the temperature or pressure are outside your preset limits. Your dashboard and the wiring behind it will be simpler and cleaner. The IntelliDash will connect to your ignition or to the Corsa system to sense engine RPM, and connects to the Corsa system or to separate sensors for temperature and pressure. The IntelliDash can also control an external shift light.

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