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Industrial Testing

Corsa Data Logger data acquisition systems are well suited to in-vehicle testing applications, including:

  • Duty cycle testing
  • Field testing
  • Road testing
  • Dynamometer tests

Compared with many data acquisition systems now in use for engineering tests, Corsa systems are:

  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Will run automatically with no operator (driver) action needed
  • Small, light, and inconspicuous
  • Very rugged – heat, water and vibration resistant
  • Low cost for high level of functionality

Key features and specifications:

  • Record weeks or months of uninterrupted data using removable media
  • Wireless connection to PC for setup, bench testing, sensor check, etc.
  • Supports analog, speed, thermocouple, and digital data collection channels
  • Interface to CAN bus available
  • Records data from SAE J1939 CAN bus
  • 3-axis accelerometer available
  • Wide range of standard sensors available
  • Easy to expand and connect to other sensors
  • Up to 50 samples per second on 50 channels

Standard and Customized Solutions:
Corsa Data Logger architecture makes it easy to specify a system that meets your needs. If you need something different we'll be happy to discuss custom versions or additional functionality to tailor the system to your specific needs.

Corsa systems are currently being used by several companies in duty cycle and vehicle field testing.

In a typical installation, 40 channels are recorded from the J1939 CANBUS, thermocouples, and pressure sensors installed on the equipment. Once a week the CF memory card is swapped out and sent to headquarters. The system runs completely automatically, and in this configuration is set to record whenever the engine is running.

In another application, the data acquisition systems have been installed in multiple aircraft at a flight school. They are configured to record only when acceleration exceeds a pre-set limit. This captures the events of interest to the analyst, without needing to record or review hours of un-needed data.

Two related Windows-compatible programs are included with each Corsa data acquisition system.

CorsaEZ is an easy-to-use tool for system configuration that uses standard Windows navigation. It is suitable for use by technicians as well as engineers. Wireless data transfer is used for configuration, sensor check, monitoring test progress, and other useful features.

Data viewing and analysis can be done using WinCorsa software, or you can export the data in standard comma separated variables (CSV) format for use in Matlab, Excel, or other programs. WinCorsa includes stripcharts, histograms, XY plots, and other standard ways of viewing data.

The upgraded version, WinCorsa Pro also includes user-defined calculated channels. Entering calculations is as easy as typing formulas into a spreadsheet. WinCorsa Pro then displays a graph of the result, just as if it came from a sensor. Calculations include many common mathematical operations, including integrals and derivatives. Some examples include vector sum of g forces, rate of temperature change, and torque converter slip.

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